Upcoming Events

Homestead Run Social Club Presents Karaoke Night

-Friday, November 10th from 7PM - 10PM

Homestead Run's Social Club presents a fun Karaoke Night featuring The Perfect Blend Band, turning an ordinary evening into a great night out! Attendees grab the microphone and step into the spotlight, backed by the live tunes of The Perfect Blend Band, adding a unique twist to the typical karaoke experience.

Homestead Run's Annual Veteran's Day Luncheon

-Sunday, November 19th at 2PM

Homestead Run's Annual Veteran's Day Luncheon is a celebratory gathering honoring the courage and service of U.S. military veterans. The event features a buffet-style lunch in a warm, supportive atmosphere. It stands as a symbol of the community's ongoing respect and gratitude for its veterans.

Homestead Run

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