Manufactured Homes – How Are They Different and What Are The Benefits of Owning One?

Many potential home buyers aren’t too familiar with manufactured homes. Those that are familiar with them tend to associate them with trailer homes. However, manufactured homes are not the trailers you would have seen in the old black and white movies. They are so much more. Here are just some of the key differences and benefits of manufactured homes.


What Sets Manufactured Homes Apart?

Manufactured homes are built in huge warehouses known as factories. This may sound surprising, but it’s very common! These homes are built under one roof - safe from rain, wind, and other natural elements. Once they’re complete, the homes are transported by trucks to their future neighborhood.

In contrast, other homes are built on the exact spot they’re meant to be. The fact that they can’t be built in a controlled environment can cause many challenges that manufactured homes aren’t subjected to. For instance, an unexpected storm can delay the process or, in some cases, damage the unprotected building materials.

The Benefits of Manufactured Homes

First off, building inside means no bad weather delays or soggy materials, which can really mess with a home’s bones. It's like having an umbrella over the whole construction site 24/7.

Another big plus is that these homes are safe and sturdy. Typically, they rest on a solid concrete slab and are anchored with tie-downs, or hurricane straps. These robust straps and anchoring systems help keep the home firmly in place, even amidst strong winds.

Then there's the excellent variety of options available. There are many different factories that create many different types of manufactured homes. You will have your choice of size, layout, colors, and much more!


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