Local Beaches Near Homestead Run

Exploring the local beaches near Homestead Run is a must for residents and visitors alike during the summer season. From the family-friendly shores of Point Pleasant to the serene stretches of Seaside Park, each beach offers a unique experience and a host of activities. Here’s a guide to some of the best local spots to help you plan your next beach day.


Point Pleasant Beach

Known for its clean, family-oriented beach, Point Pleasant is a favorite among families for its well-maintained boardwalk - complete with amusement rides, arcades, and seafood eateries. Also, don’t miss the weekly fireworks display, which adds a spark to the summer nights.

Lavallette Beach

Lavallette strikes a balance between relaxation and activity. Its broad, sandy beach is backed by a boardwalk that is ideal for walking. The beach itself is known for being less hectic than others, with volleyball nets and designated swimming areas that make it great for sports enthusiasts and families alike.

Ortley Beach

Often referred to as the "Hidden Gem" of the Jersey Shore, Ortley Beach is less crowded compared to its neighbors - offering a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s perfect for visitors looking for a quieter day on the sand without forgoing the convenience of nearby shops and casual dining options.

Seaside Heights

For those who crave a vibrant atmosphere, Seaside Heights offers a lively boardwalk with abundant entertainment options, shops, and restaurants. The beach hosts numerous events throughout the warmer months - such as concerts, wine tasting, and more. The waterpark and amusement park nearby provide additional fun for the whole family.

Seaside Park

Bordering Seaside Heights, Seaside Park offers a more laid-back experience. It’s known for its wide, expansive beaches that allow for plenty of room to spread out. The uncluttered boardwalk is perfect for a peaceful bike ride or a leisurely stroll.


Each of these beaches has its own charm and set of attractions, making the local New Jersey coastline a diverse and exciting destination. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, relaxation, or family fun - you’ll find a beach that suits your needs!

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